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  • Choosing a right ladder

    choosing a right ladder for you choosing a right ladder for you


     The Right Ladder

    Choosing a right ladder

    I have been fitting loft ladders since around 1999, during that time I have met a lot of customers of all ages, so I think I am something of an expert when selling a ladder to our senior citizens.

    A Loft Ladder

    Age brings with it aches and pains, along with problems in your hands and arms,  balance also is more of an issue.

    When choosing a right ladder, you need to take this into consideration, what you were able to do  20 - 30 years ago, needs more of an effort.

    Loft ladders such as  concertina ladders,  which are not sprung assisted, should be avoided at all costs.

    They take great effort to push them into the air and store away.

    Perfect Choices - Choosing a right ladder

    You can get models like  DSC Concertina Loft Ladder

    dsc concertina loft ladder DSC domestic or commercial ladder

    These have their own hatch door, frame and ladder and can be operated virtually with one hand.  These are a little expensive, but safe sound and robust.

    Your may want a Junior Heavy Duty Concertina Loft Ladder.junior_heavy_duty_concertina_loft_ladder_1 This is a cheaper model and will fit into those awkward spaces,  where no other ladder will go.  Again these are easy to move in and out of a loft hatch.

    It has sprung assisted arms on each side which takes most weight away.

    If when choosing this ladder, always get telescopic handrails, and choose a wider tread size if you can afford it when choosing a right ladder for you.

    Avoid - If age above applies to you.

    Avoid when choosing a right ladder for you (if you have issues in  arms or shoulders, or limited stature).

    Dolle Concertina Loft Ladder. concertia ladder It is otherwise a good ladder, but time has taught me, that our older customers struggle with this particular model.

    It is held in a hatch by two springs,  these keep it in a horizontal position, but they do not offer sufficient assistance when stowing it away.

    This can be (if elderly) quite difficult and, depending upon a height of a ceiling (dangerous).

    Anyone else using this model,  are fine with it.  If you are not using it personally,  but need a concertina ladder,  due to limited space then get it.

    Almost all other ladders are pretty much easy enough to manage otherwise.  If in doubt when trying to choose a right ladder , always call us  on 01271 858698.

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