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  • Discontinued Ladders - Youngman Timberlux Loft Ladder

    Youngman Timberlux Loft Ladder


    youngman timberlux loft ladder youngman timberlux loft ladder

    The Youngman Timberlux loft ladder, was manufactured for Youngman Group and for many years it was a regular seller for them.

    I myself , have fitted many of these ladders,  into lofts and homes around the country.

    They were sold through various outlets, including Wickes, Hombase and Rapid. Youngman, for some strange reason, known only to them, decided to discontinue the ladder, some  8 - 10 years ago,  with no particular reason given to fitters, retailers etc.

    Instead they went and started selling  3 part folding ladders.

    The Ladders

    The Youngman Timberlux loft ladder, was suitable for floor to floor heights up to 3.2m and was operated independent of the door.  It had a spring mechanism,  at the back of the ladder fixed to the floor, two arms were fitted, they ran back to the top of the ladder.

    All in all it was a great ladder, with nice deep treads, quite a wide ladder and a handrail on the left or right hand side.  Suitable for up to 150kg (23.5 stone).  There was a metal catch mechanism,  on the right hand side of the ladder.

    Why Get Rid Of It?

    As I said earlier there was no reason given at the time for it not being sold anymore, but one of the reasons might be:

    The youngman timberlux loft ladder was held together by two metal bands, which allowed the ladder section to move through and over each other when being extended or retracted.

    On occasions having fitted a ladder, within a week or two we would be called back to the house where it was fitted, because the ladder was said to be binding and stuck together.


    This happened a few more times and then the penny dropped.  If the ladder was fitted into an un-insulated or poorly insulated loft, where there was moisture present, the ladder would absorb the moisture.

    Because the ladder sections were so close to each other, they would enlarge and the metal bands would contract, making the youngman timberlux loft ladder all but impossible to separate.

    We did report this fault to Youngman at the time and on other occasions and told them they needed to have the ladder sections  with a greater tolerance to allow for any expansion.

    In the mean time, if we were fitting a ladder, we would shave off a small area of the stiles in case expansion happened, and explained to the customers, the  need for good insulation.

    The problem was solved by the fitters, but never actioned by the manufacturer. So they discontinued what was a fine ladder, and the gauntlet was taken up by ABRU ladders with their 2 Section Sliding Loft Ladder.

    which is almost identical to the old youngman timberlux loft ladder, but, not quite the same!

  • Loft Ladder Measurements

    Loft Ladder Measurements

    loft ladder measurements loft ladder measurements

    By measuring up your hatch and surrounding area, before purchasing a ladder, will determine which type of ladder you can actually fit into the intended space.  Just because you like the ladder, does not mean it will fit, so your loft ladder measurements are important.

    Start by taking a measurement of your Floor to Floor (A).  This the floor on which the feet of the ladder will rest, to the floor or top of joist timber above.

    Then your floor to underside of ceiling measurement (B).  Again this is the floor on which the feet of the ladder will rest, to the underside of the ceiling above.

    If you take Measurement (A) from (B).  This will give you measurement (C) which is the depth of the hatch.  Measure the length (D) and width (E) of the hatch.

    This is the current or maximum size of the 'hole' that could be made in your attic floor to accommodate your loft ladder; this may be bigger than the size of your existing opening if you have one.

    Consider the position of joists and other obstructions such as cables, or pipe work that put an obvious limit,  on how large the opening can be made.  Also consider what your ceiling is made from, (plaster board or worse lathes & plaster can be a job for the professionals).

    Measure the Horizontal (F) and Vertical (G) Clearance.  Measure from the intended hinge point vertically to the nearest obstruction, then make a note, then again measure from the hinge point horizontally back into the attic to the nearest obstruction,  (tank, pipe work, large roof timber etc) again make a note.  These loft ladder measurements are important to make sure it fits.

    Landing Space (H) and swing clearance (I).  Landing space is measured by taking a line from the hinge of the hatch,  vertically to the floor, then to the intended resting place of the feet on the floor,  once the ladder is fully extended (normally referred to as the going). The distance is measured horizontally along the floor. Swing clearance,  is the 'arc' through which a folding ladder will move as they are retracted into the attic.  You need to measure the distance from the hinge end of your hatch to the nearest obstruction, usually a wall.

    Weight of Individuals (J) Weigh yourself or the heaviest person in the house who might use the ladder and then add these to your loft ladder measurements, and add a weight approx 20lbs of additional weight (boxes etc you might carry up the ladder). You now have all the loft ladder measurements, dimensions and weights to hand to make the decision on which ladder will fit into the area you want.  Check through the specifications of the loft ladder listed to see if they match up to your requirements. If you wish you can always talk with one of the experts on the sales team by calling 01271 858698.

  • Choosing a right ladder

    choosing a right ladder for you choosing a right ladder for you


     The Right Ladder

    Choosing a right ladder

    I have been fitting loft ladders since around 1999, during that time I have met a lot of customers of all ages, so I think I am something of an expert when selling a ladder to our senior citizens.

    A Loft Ladder

    Age brings with it aches and pains, along with problems in your hands and arms,  balance also is more of an issue.

    When choosing a right ladder, you need to take this into consideration, what you were able to do  20 - 30 years ago, needs more of an effort.

    Loft ladders such as  concertina ladders,  which are not sprung assisted, should be avoided at all costs.

    They take great effort to push them into the air and store away.

    Perfect Choices - Choosing a right ladder

    You can get models like  DSC Concertina Loft Ladder

    dsc concertina loft ladder DSC domestic or commercial ladder

    These have their own hatch door, frame and ladder and can be operated virtually with one hand.  These are a little expensive, but safe sound and robust.

    Your may want a Junior Heavy Duty Concertina Loft Ladder.junior_heavy_duty_concertina_loft_ladder_1 This is a cheaper model and will fit into those awkward spaces,  where no other ladder will go.  Again these are easy to move in and out of a loft hatch.

    It has sprung assisted arms on each side which takes most weight away.

    If when choosing this ladder, always get telescopic handrails, and choose a wider tread size if you can afford it when choosing a right ladder for you.

    Avoid - If age above applies to you.

    Avoid when choosing a right ladder for you (if you have issues in  arms or shoulders, or limited stature).

    Dolle Concertina Loft Ladder. concertia ladder It is otherwise a good ladder, but time has taught me, that our older customers struggle with this particular model.

    It is held in a hatch by two springs,  these keep it in a horizontal position, but they do not offer sufficient assistance when stowing it away.

    This can be (if elderly) quite difficult and, depending upon a height of a ceiling (dangerous).

    Anyone else using this model,  are fine with it.  If you are not using it personally,  but need a concertina ladder,  due to limited space then get it.

    Almost all other ladders are pretty much easy enough to manage otherwise.  If in doubt when trying to choose a right ladder , always call us  on 01271 858698.

  • Proper Ladder

    Proper Ladder

    Get yourself a proper ladder

    I was working in Plymouth one week and went to a customers house to do a free survey for installing a loft ladder.  I got there and discovered the chap was using a step ladder to gain access to the loft area.

    get a proper ladder Crazy man on ladder

    I told him to get a proper ladder and that it would be much safer if he installed a 3 section light aluminium Titan Loft Ladder


     Get a Proper Ladder

    Easy to use, easy to get in and out of the loft and, more important, safer than the crazy way he was getting into the loft at the moment.   Well he hummed and puzzled for a while when I gave him the price for the ladder, installation and conversion of his old door into a nice drop down loft door, he then said, he would continue with the method he has used for years, thanks for coming but, no thanks.....well I was disappointed I did not get the sale but, told him to be careful and went on my way.

    Three or four days later, I got a call from his wife, asking me to come and install the loft ladder, because, just after I had been, he climbed the old ladder again, slipped, fell and broke his hip.

    fall from ladder

    Never take risks with ladders, you only have one life.

  • There is a Noise in The Loft Dear!

    There is a noise in the loft dear! - Explored

    There is a Noise in The Loft Dear! There is a Noise in The Loft Dear!


    Low Levels of insulation and ventilation

    The most common cause in the loft is contraction of ceiling joists. These timbers expand during the day and then shrink when it gets colder at nighttime.

    More insulation will help to keep these timbers warmer at night and stop them from warping


    Often noises from the loft area aren’t even coming from that area in the first place. The sound is possibly made more because of the large area of space, particularly in a empty loft, often when the problem is elsewhere in the tructure - such as the interior and external walls.

    Putting is a safe and robust loft ladder will make it easy to access your loft and getting to know the location of the sound easy and secure. You don't need to be climbing some tatty old ladder in the middle of the night.

    Check our website for the perfect ladder for you and sleep tight!

  • best loft ladders

    best loft ladders

    Looking for the best loft ladders for your home, then look no further than our website.  We have a large selection to choose from and are suitable for both trade, commercial and DIY applications.


    With over 32 different types of  ladders to choose from we are confident you will find the right one for you:  Here


    looking for the best loft ladders looking for the best loft ladders

    For fitting advice, you can call us and speak with one of our expert advisers, or you can download the installation and assembly guides.  We are on hand to help you choose the right product.


    If in doubt, please call 01271858698 and speak to our expert staff who have years worth of experience in fitting and dealing with ladders.

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