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  • Proper Ladder

    Proper Ladder

    Get yourself a proper ladder

    I was working in Plymouth one week and went to a customers house to do a free survey for installing a loft ladder.  I got there and discovered the chap was using a step ladder to gain access to the loft area.

    get a proper ladder Crazy man on ladder

    I told him to get a proper ladder and that it would be much safer if he installed a 3 section light aluminium Titan Loft Ladder


     Get a Proper Ladder

    Easy to use, easy to get in and out of the loft and, more important, safer than the crazy way he was getting into the loft at the moment.   Well he hummed and puzzled for a while when I gave him the price for the ladder, installation and conversion of his old door into a nice drop down loft door, he then said, he would continue with the method he has used for years, thanks for coming but, no thanks.....well I was disappointed I did not get the sale but, told him to be careful and went on my way.

    Three or four days later, I got a call from his wife, asking me to come and install the loft ladder, because, just after I had been, he climbed the old ladder again, slipped, fell and broke his hip.

    fall from ladder

    Never take risks with ladders, you only have one life.

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