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  • Surveyors Ladders Telescopic & Sectional

     Surveyors Ladders Telescopic & Sectional

    Surveyors Ladders

    When your home needs to be checked over prior to purchase, or when selling it, usually,  a surveyors ladder comes along with the surveyor.  They mostly use two type of ladders for the job:

    sectional surveyors ladders Sectional Surveyors Ladders
    telescooic surveyors ladders Telescopic Surveyors Ladders

    Sectional Ladders.   Where the ladder comes in multi parts,  you fit the sections together to make the right length of ladder to climb.

    Telescopic Ladders.  Where the ladder comes as a single unit, it extends to the required height.

    Either one of these two ladders will do the job, surveyors ladders are a personal choice,  one which you feel suits you.


    Our sectional surveyors ladders, are made by Lyte Industries in South Wales.  They have been manufacturing these for a great many years, and are, one of the leading UK suppliers.

    Our telescopic surveyors ladders,  are supplied by either Telesteps from Sweden, or Teletower here in the UK.  Both ladders are almost identical, probably due to the fact,  that the same man designed them.


    If you wish to purchase either of these two products,  from our site, click HERE  they will be despatched to you quickly.

    All of the above products have PDF files, or, technical data shown, regarding their use, on the relevant product page.

    If in doubt,  just call our experienced staff on 01271 858698.

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