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There is a Noise in The Loft Dear!

There is a noise in the loft dear! - Explored

There is a Noise in The Loft Dear! There is a Noise in The Loft Dear!


Low Levels of insulation and ventilation

The most common cause in the loft is contraction of ceiling joists. These timbers expand during the day and then shrink when it gets colder at nighttime.

More insulation will help to keep these timbers warmer at night and stop them from warping


Often noises from the loft area aren’t even coming from that area in the first place. The sound is possibly made more because of the large area of space, particularly in a empty loft, often when the problem is elsewhere in the tructure - such as the interior and external walls.

Putting is a safe and robust loft ladder will make it easy to access your loft and getting to know the location of the sound easy and secure. You don't need to be climbing some tatty old ladder in the middle of the night.

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