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Euro Scaffold Tower Walkthrough

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The D2 Euro Scaffold Tower Walkthrough system has proven itself to be a great success in the Towers Hire Market, with ease of erection dismantling and versatility these are very popular indeed. 

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  • Euro Scaffold Tower Walkthrough
  • Euro Scaffold Tower Walkthrough
  • Euro Scaffold Tower Walkthrough

The Euro Range Scaffold Tower Walkthrough  are not new in our Lofts & Ladders catalogue the need for safe passage on both industrial and domestic areas has long been a problem for the industry.

The basic Scaffold Tower Walkthrough  pack provides platform levels between 1.5m and 2.7m at 0.3m intervals, it features special narrow base plates, and non slip platform boards. Extension section is available to 4.2m high platform. Easy passage from both sides of the unit to the platform is provided by a climb or Stairway ladder frame, simply go into the frame and climb up or move forward up the stairs.

This Walkthrough Scaffold frame design solves the movement problems experienced on narrow and most domestic stairs. Width 0.7m Length 1.5m.

Features of the Access Aluminium Stairway include:


  • Crimping- It has a 10 indent configuration to resist tension and torque loads. It has external crimped joints which allows for easy repair. Extremely strong, the casting would rupture or the tube fracture before any joint would fail.


  • Platform- Plywood non slip deck. Heavy duty frame for maximum strength. Carbon spring steel wind lock clip as standard.


  • Hook- Full strength profile to reduce abuse/damage. Can stand lever pressure from double torsion stainless steel spring. Very strong and reliable, easily maintained.


  • Spigot- Unique cast design to give maximum strength and durability. Splined for easy assembly. Designed to eliminate interlock clip misalignment. Strong and robust to withstand abuse.


Scaffold Tower Type Walkthrough Component Parts

4 SWAL Adjustable Leg 2 SWAF Aperture Frames
1 SWAPF Plain Frames 2 SWADB Diagonal Brace
5 SWAHB Horizontal Brace 1 SWATP Trapdoor Platform
1 SWASG Short Guardrial Frame 1 SWATG Tall Guardrail Frame
1 SWATB Toeboard Assembly      
2* SWPF* Plain Frames* 2* SWDB* Diagonal Braces*
1* SWTP* Trapdoor Platform* 2* SWSP* Side Prop*

* extension system  parts

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