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Roof Ladders Trade, & Industrial

standard Roof Ladders

Trade Roof Ladders

trade Trade Roof Ladders

The standard trade roof ladders we sell, are made by Lyte Industries in South Wales.  We have been selling these ladders for a many years and it has proven itself to be a very reliable product for all those who use it.

They have non-slip rungs, box section stiles and bearer bars covered in a rubber. This allows the weight to be evenly distributed, preventing any damage to the tiles below.

The Ladders come as single or  double section which have safety catches fitted.  The distance between the treads of this ladder, centre to centre is  25 cm.  You can purchase them here: Roof Ladders 

Industrial Ladder

Industrial roof ladders Industrial Roof Ladders

The industrial roof ladders are built with heavy duty aluminium, oval section stiles, heavy duty non-slip rungs, incorporating a heavy duty ridge hook.  Perfect for all jobs you need to do.

Made by Lyte Industries in South Wales.  These ladders have rubber covered bearer bars which distributes weight evenly to prevent damage to surfaces.

These are single section ladders,  and can be extended to a variety of lengths with the use of extension pieces.

extension Extension Section

Note the rung spacing on these are bigger at 27cm as opposed to 25cm spacing.

It is very important to choose the right ladder from the beginning.  If you are used to using a standard trade ladder, then you will find the greater distance between treads on an industrial ladder, a bit odd,  and, possibly a hindrance, leading to safety issues.

Having a trip on roof ladders is dangerous, it is not an area you want to be having trips or falls, so make the correct choice first time.

You can purchase them here: Roof Ladders 

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